Lift Modernisation

Over time, lifts can become dated and parts of your lift will face heavy wear and tear. It is inevitable that at some point you will need some form of lift modernisation to ensure the continuing reliability and safety of your lift.

Modernising a lift can often be a very cost effective solution in both material and labour time on site. It also has the significant advantage of reducing any costly builders or joinery work to the lift shaft which can be an issue when completely replacing the lift with a new unit.

Our highly experienced modernisation team would visit your lift in the first instance and conduct an in depth survey. We would use this survey to provide you with budgetary figures as modernisations can range from a basic controller and re-wire to a complete overhaul of all major components including full aesthetical changes to your lift car interior and car/landing doors.

Caltech has long-established associations with suppliers across the UK and EU.  We are proud to partner with many of the top brands in the UK and EU lift industry,  our supply chain includes names such: Hydroware, Lester Controls, Carlos Silva, Raloe, A&A Electrical, Global Lift Equipment, Lion Lift Controls, GMV, International Lift Equipment, Hydrax, PEW Electrical Distributors, Pfiefer Drako and Shorts Industries.

If you would like a detailed report with no secrets or surprises, including a full item by item quotation, ensuring you know exactly what’s being proposed and the associated costs please contact our team today.

Give us a call today to find out more about our stairlifts lift installations or to get a free quote on your project.

Lift Modernisation
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Lift Modernisation
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